Deception: Chapter 2

“Cheyenne, are you guys outside the airport yet?” My dad’s strong baritone voicebarreled through my phone, taking over the hustle and bustle I was hearing around the airport.

“Yes daddy, I’m grabbing our bags now.” I waited for our bags to bend the corner on the conveyor belt of the baggage claim. “Chels, Chris, come on. Dad is outside waiting on us.” Chris simply shrugged grabbed up his two bags and walked ahead of my sister and I. He put his headphones back on. Chelsey meekly grabbed my hand and her suitcase, while I picked up my red duffle bag and leopard print suitcase. I tried to ignore the foreign languages I was hearing around me partially because I was paranoid that they could be talking about me and I’d never know.

As we stepped out of the revolving doors of the building, a vaguely familiar figure stood off to the side holding a phone up to his ear. His honey brown skin seemed flawless in the warm sunlight that was shining down. “Dad?” I called half shouting because I was unsure but sure enough, he turned to face us and pulled the phone slowly from his face, happiness and shock the main emotions he displayed.

“DADDY! DADDY!” Chelsey snatched away from me and ran to our dad. He grunted and almost fell over with the force she met him with.

“Baby Girl!” He stood up, Chelsey hanging fragilely from his neck. “I missed my little angel. Have you been a good girl?” He put her down, his gaze meeting mine.

I put my bags down and greeted him with a warm, long hug. I hadn’t seen my dad in 4 years. He missed my first date, me making the game winning shot at my schools state championship basketball game my junior year, and most importantly, my graduation. Everything I had accomplished and was of great importance, he missed. I had so much pent up animosity towards him but to see him again was a little too much for me to handle. Tears began to well up in my eyes so I fought hard to push them back.

“Princess …” My father started, “I missed you so much sweetheart.” He looked over at Christopher. “My boy!” He met Chris with an answered hug. Awkwardly he stepped backward and dug his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans. Chris wasn’t happy with our dad and just seeing him wasn’t going to make him change how he felt. “Well I guess, I’ll put you guys’ stuff in the car. There’s someone who wants to meet you all.”

I grabbed our things and helped my dad put them in the trunk and then I slipped into the front seat after my dad had closed the trunk. Slowly he put the car in gear and drove out of his parking place. The radio started blasting some loud reggae sounding music, but instead of English or whatever, they were singing in French. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t know a lick of French so getting accumulated was going go be hard. I knew it. About 30 minutes later we pulled up onto a dirt road, shrubbery with yellow and orange flowers blooming on bushes laced the edges of the road. The limbs of tall trees swayed in the wind while leaves blew across the car window. My dad drove slowly as dust flew up into the air, gradually a small house appeared. There were a slew of steps on the side of the road that led to an entrance to the house. The bottom half of the house was tan and cream colored cobble stones and the top half was a cream painted wood with windows and shingles painted burgundy. The house was really pretty but it seemed to look small until my dad pulled up further. Looking at the house from this angle let me see what the house lacked in depth, it made up for in height and length. A pair of burgundy doors sat off to the side that I assumed were the front doors. I eased out the car and pushed the door closed.

“Guys, we’ll get your bags out later, c’mon. I want to show you your rooms.” My dad’s voice rang with excitement. We followed him into the house. The interior décor was nice, a lot of browns and gold “Chels, this is your room.” Her room was painted lime green and she had pink beanbags and fuzzy throw rugs placed sporadically throughout her room. Her bed was decked out with Princess Tiana bed sheets. Almost immediately Chelsey ran into her room and jumped on her bed. “Now for your room Chris.” We walked down the hall and our dad opened the door revealing an all black room. Chris stepped forward sluggishly. He brushed his hand across the royal blue comforter on the king sized bed and eyed the shinny black dresser right in the corner, an array of different colognes and body sprays lining the top of it. He sat down quietly on the bed before eventually laying back on the pillows with a loud yawn. My room was, of course, next. I figured my room would be on the second floor like theirs but as I continued to walk forward, my dad took my hand and led me back downstairs. I took glimpses of the rest of the house while he led me to my room.

“Dad, who is it you wanted me to meet?” I asked still following him.

“Oh, I just wanted you 3 to meet your stepmom. But I wanted you to meet your stepbrother Diablo.” I shot him a concerned look; he gave a loud chuckle, reading my facial expression, “That’s not his real name. His friends just gave him the name and he’s been running with it since he was about 15. He stopped by a door abruptly and opened it. “They aren’t home right now obviously. Diablo is close to your age though. He’s either 19 almost 20 or just 19, so I figured you guys would get along fine. I want you to get a little rest though while I go fix you guys a little something to eat. Just a small lunch, Madeline has a special dinner planned out for tonight.”

I stepped past him into my new sanctum. I honestly loved it, though the room was HUGE. I was assuming maybe before it had been a basement or den. The walls were decorated in posters of Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, J. Cole, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, a few Beyoncé posters, and a collage of some picture of he and I when I was a little girl. I gasped as I walked up on it. You could tell my dad had been planning on me moving here. He gave a simple nod and wink before he walked up the steps and out of the room. The color scheme of the room was a deep red and black. My nightstands, dresser, and chasseur drawer were mahogany colored. My bed was just as nice. An all black canopy bed sat near a wall closest to a door, the sheer black curtains flowed from the slight wind the ceiling fan was creating.

I glanced across the way and saw a computer desk with a brand new MacBook Air sitting peacefully on the mahogany stained finish of the wood. I could only smile to myself. I was reconsidering my previous suspicions about living here. 45 minutes into being here i felt more at home than i did back in California.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan Alexis Daniels


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