The Question Is… What Would You Do?

We all would love the chance to meet Larry and Laurent right? Many fans have already had the opportunity to meet the guys. I, for one, am jealous of those who have had the chance to meet them. Just so we’re clear, it’s not in a hateful, snarky, jealousy way, but it’s an envious twinge and at the same time, happy for anyone who’s had the chance to meet these two magnificent guys!

Anytime I come across a fan or someone who isn’t really a fan, but they’ve heard of Les Twins, or have watched a video or two and are familiar with them, and they’ve had the opportunity to meet them, I ask, “So how was your experience meeting Larry and Laurent?”, “Were they friendly, mean, polite, patient, sincere, rude, etc…”. I want to know, so I ask.

I don’t know what I would do, or how I would act if I met them. Although I know that they are human, just like the rest of us, I hold these two gentlemen in a pretty high regard. They are a source of motivation for me. Listening to their story, their struggles, and their triumphs, have helped me to put on my big girl panties and pull myself up by my boot straps and go for IT. Whatever “IT” is, I’m going for it, because of Laurent and Larry. All because these two guys had the audacity to stare adversity in the face and knock it down head on without any qualms about it. I admire that with every fiber of my being. So if given the chance to meet these two face to face, I’m sure I’d shed a tear or two… maybe even three. Not because of my fangirling, I’m too old for that, but because of the impact that they have had on my own life. My tears would be tears of joy and tears of elation for meeting two men that I somewhat idolize.

So the question is, what would you do if you ever met Les Twins? Let us know how you would react and what might you say if given the opportunity.



4 thoughts on “The Question Is… What Would You Do?

  1. If I met them I’s go to jail for rape! bwah hahhahhaa……..kidding. Im too ugly for men to even consider dating me, so anyway, I’d ask them questions about their career, I’d show them these two books i made about them complete with the youtube comments I printed out and paste in the books, then most importantly, I would witness to them about salvation, Not ashamed of Jesus nor the gospel. I love these guys like relatives and I dont want them caught up in that hollywood blood sacrificing crap that goes on, I want them saved and for God to bless and use them since God is soon to come.

    It has been on my heart and the hearts of other fans that i have talked to via computer to pray for them so i pray. but thats what I would do. but If I had a chance to date one, i would and i’m 40. i dont care about age once you are passed 18! I said it! but since Im not a pretty woman i would have to settle for a great conversation about their career and introduce them to eternal life. i love them and I dont want them dying lost.

    i would tell them to always seek the lord before each decision, put God first, dance for HIS glory and not man’s and I would advise them to pray for and look for christain wives and let God orchestrate their lives.

  2. Wow @ Rachel O_O…
    I guess what I would have to say is that…Les Twins have awakened a lost love I had for dance and music…I had given up all things to raise children and always felt i’d never loss them but I did…Les Twins make me smile…when Laurent speaks of feeling the music and how easy it is…I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. I danced for myself and it was a stress reliever, a confidence booster, a self image corrector. I felt sexy, strong, beautiful and sexual. I was very shy but dance changed all of that because that was something I knew I was good at…dance made me love me…and they brought that back to me…with fire! If I met them and I’m planning to soon (I refuse to let life pass me by anymore)…I would also shed tears (hoping not to embarrass myself). Please understand I have never been fanatic about anyone or thing…and I’m obsessed with everything about them. I feel that meeting them would break the rest of the wall that has been holding me back for so long. It would be the first time I did something that was for me…not for anyone else or need. I just want to live for me just once without guilt or remorse. I want me back…because I see life in them…and I want that too (now u have me in tears). I love them because they mirror all the things I wanted in my life…they inspire me. It doesn’t hurt that they are fine as hell too…but I have a kid their age…I was 15yrs old when I had her…she was also born in “88”. Les Twins will always be a source of happiness for me…and a reminder that all things are possible.

    I guess I would have to print this and translate it to french and hand it to them…because I am a mess just trying to type what I’d say and do if I met them…and I want a fly ass picture of me with them…not me crying! Btw…I’ve started to listen to french music, planning to visit France and God willing date a french man…oh how I love broken english!

    • hi there,
      that is a very touching story. save up some money and attend one their work shops. see if you can contact them by computer. I tried twittering both of them, LOL. no luck.

      Put God first and seek him for direction and DO NOT let guilt stop you from living. That is just satan trying to throw stones in what God created you to enjoy in this world. Im stricked about where God would stand concerning dance and things of the world but there is a gift there among them and in you so ask the lord about it. I love them and want them saved.

      meanwhile, you deserve to LIVE and to enjoy life. You raised your children and worked your jobs. You MUST set aside time to treat yourself and rest yourself and dare to do things. Dont conform to this world’s idea of what life is. make it what you want. then you can look back on it and have great memories and be examples to your kids. In a world where we now have a black man sitting in a white house, nothing can stand in your way, not even other people’s prejudices. be the beautiful artistic person Jesus created you to be and be humble about it and God will make room for your desires and talents.

      but first, seek the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. in other words, make HIS (God) desires YOUR desires and you will see a change and know how to follow God, and how to spot the enemy (devil) when he shows up.

      I love how les Twins take time out to travel the world and teach workshops. they aren’t stuck up nor conceited, they share with others adn try to educate others their talent while other dancers out there are jealous and selfish and will never be recognized. TWINS stand for “two wonderful individuals of new style.”


  3. i will first go crazy because i would be in complete disbelief. Honestly I have been a fan of them for more than a year now! AT first when i saw them/ thanks to my big bro, i wasnt intrested. God only knows how in my mind i ended up looking them up again & looking into their videos in depth. Honestly too me they are just beautiful. They have that great personality & the whole french thing they have going on! They are talented and never in my life i have seen such better dancers as them Never in my life i have been an admire any dancers, or in love with like them! They has just brought many great joys to me. they help me cheer up,explore culture, and to express myself. In the end if i meet them i will thank them, hug them and take videos & pictures to the best of my ability & tell the whole damn world i just met my idols! , and The best twins in the world!! ❤

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