Photos From Les Twins’ Performance w/ Missy Elliott in NYC

What a night! Les Twins are fast becoming a household name! Well, not quite just yet, but they are well on their way. Last night, the guys performed with hip hop femcee Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott and Timbaland for Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit Event in NYC. Videos of the performance are below. In one of the videos, a concert attendee clearly recognizes the guys as soon as they run up on the stage. You can hear her saying, “Those are the Beyonce dancers!” I love it! I love how their short tenure with Beyonce has garnered them a small and steadily progressing spot in the industry.

2 thoughts on “Photos From Les Twins’ Performance w/ Missy Elliott in NYC

  1. WELL I AM SORRY BUT THESE ANGELS ARE NOT BEYONCE’S FREAKIN DANCERS! They are LES TWINS. they had their own brand of magic long before that beyonce witch got a hold of them and even then, in her sucky video, she didnt give them the credit they deserved.

    the shots of them were too short, too quick, and and too far apart. you hardly recognized them.

    I dont appreciate missy calling them anything other than who they ARE. no one in hollywood will ever be able to measure up to them. thats why hollywood is corny now, hollywood has no talent nor people who have “an eye” for it.

    so I hope they will call them by their names. beyonce did them no justice at all! missy’s videos and eye for special effects is perfect for the twins. they should have been with missy a long time ago. oh well, Im praying for their salvation anyway, God has better for them. I want them SAVED!


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