Video: Les Twins Performance w/ Missy Elliott at Hennessy’s “Wild Rabbit” Event in NYC

YES! YES! YES!!!! We have visual folks! After Missy did all that tweeting and saying that she wasn’t doing anything special tonight, and after Laurent contradicted her statement, we now have visual proof!!! I love it!

Missy, with the help of longtime music partner in crime, Timbaland, were in New York performing at a RSVP event for Hennessy’s new release of their “Wild Rabbit” brand. Les Twins had the pleasure of being Missy’s back-up dancers for the night and as expected, the guys are sporting Missy’s trademark attire with the throwback Adidas warm-ups! I just love everything about this!!! Enjoy!

Can’t really see the guys performing but it doesn’t even matter! Just knowing that they’re up there on the stage is enough! Although, I am laughing my butt off at the guy in the crowd who is spazzing out over Missy! He’s a fan for real!!!

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