Once In A Lifetime: Chapter 16

“I’m just the boy who’s had too many chances.”

– Fall Out Boy, A Little Less Sixteen Candles a Little More Touch Me

Chapter Sixteen

I couldn’t help but get butterflies every time I thought about what Larry had said to me.

“I am.”

“You are what?”

“Right guy for you.”

His eyes had been intense, and it took all that I had in me not to believe that he really meant it. Every time I thought to hard about it, I forced myself to push it out of my head, because it was almost enough for me to run up to him and jump into his arms. The fact that he was sexy without even trying was already hard enough for me to handle, let alone him saying things like that to me.

It was easy for me to push him out of my head, because I had more exciting things coming up. The concert in Indianapolis was coming up, and my Mom and Tyler were supposed to be there. I was also going to have enough time to spend with them before we left for the next concert.

I was excited to see them, and was kind of hoping that I would see some of my other friends too. So whenever I got down about Larry, I just thought about how I was going to get to see the people I loved most in a few days.

*      *      *

When we arrived in the Indianapolis airport, I was more than excited to be home. I was going to get to see my mom or Tyler until after the concert, but there was something about being in my home city that made me feel better about everything that had happened. I made my way off the plane, passing Larry’s seat. I looked at him, making eye contact. He smiled at me.

“Welcome home,” he said. I just smiled back, unable to muster up a “thank you.” Partially because I was surprised that he had even spoken to me, and partially because I was surprised he remember where I was from. I caught up to Dahlia and Josh and walked with them through the airport. Josh had never apologized for the trouble he had caused in Florida, but we had both sort of dropped it.

“I’m excited to meet your mom!” Dahlia said in her high, excited voice. I just smiled. I couldn’t wait for her to meet my mom either, and I couldn’t wait for Tyler to meet my friends.

*      *      *

I performed my heart out at the concert, knowing that my mom and Tyler were there, wanting to impress them. And afterward, they were allowed backstage to see me. When I caught sight of them, I ran into my mother’s arms. She felt so familiar. The smell and feel of her, and I suddenly wanted to cry, realizing how much I had missed them.

“Hey, what about me?!” Tyler said, in mock anger. He wrapped me in a hug. I pulled Dahlia and Josh over to meet them. They all politely introduced themselves, and while Dahlia and Josh conversed with  my mom, Tyler pulled me aside.

“So where’s Larry?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. Tyler knew about all the drama with Larry, but like Dahlia, he wasn’t giving up. I sighed and looked around for Larry. I found him standing with his brother, wiping his face off with a towel.

“Over there,” I said, gesturing to where he stood. Tyler’s eyebrows raised so high I thought they were going to disappear.

“THAT’S the guy you’ve been making out with?! You lucky bitch!” he said, looking around me to catch another glance at him. “Is his twin available?”

I laughed. “No, and shut up,” I said, pushing his shoulder. I turned around for my own last glance at Larry. He looked up, making eye contact with me. I swallowed. He smiled at me sadly before looking away. The way he had been moping lately was seriously killing me. If anything, it made him even cuter.

“Girl, you better just forgive him for everything he has done and GET ON THAT!” Tyler said. I shoved him again.

“Shut up! My mom is right over there!” I said and Tyler and I continued to laugh, but our laughter immediately stopped when I saw who was walking toward us.

“Bee,” Sam said, smiling wide. My jaw dropped. Sam was tall and skinny, but cute. He was wearing khaki shorts and a purple v neck t-shirt. His skin was slightly tanned from the summer sun, and his light brown hair was cut short. I just stood there, taken aback. I turned around to see Larry watching me carefully, ready to step in at any moment. I turned back around to look at Sam, but all I could come up with to say was, “Fuck.”

All “Once In A Lifetime” stories are written by Les Twins fan Cara Ford


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