Once In A Lifetime: Chapter 13

“Now lil mama wanna get bad.”

– Chris Brown, Wall to Wall

Once we got to the club and started dancing, my nerves loosened up. Larry and I danced. And I do mean DANCED. But it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as the first time. Most likely because I had already let my guard down when it came to him.

After an hour or so of dancing, Larry and I made our way to a booth in the back. I slid onto one side, and he slid in across from me. I was thankful for this because I didn’t want to be that awkward couple that sits on the same side and tries to have a conversation that way.

“You having fun?” he asked me, smiling. We were both sweating, but he still looked flawless.

“I’m with you aren’t I?” I asked, feeling bold. Larry grinned. I glanced back out to the dance floor and Dahlia and Laurent caught my eye, reminding me of her dilemma. I wondered if what I was about to do was crossing a line, but I figured I owed it to Dahlia to at least try.

“So what’s up with your brother?” I asked Larry. He looked at me quizzically. “Dahlia thinks he isn’t attracted to her.”

Larry raised an eyebrow and looked at the two of them dancing on the dance floor, then looked back at me as if to say “Uh, you do see that right?”

“Why?” he asked. I swallowed. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bring up the real reason, since I had made Larry slow down the other day. But I was already in, and I couldn’t back out now.

“She said he won’t have sex with her,” I said, wondering which way this conversation was going to go. Larry frowned.

“That mean you not attracted to me?” he asked, pouting. I rolled my eyes.

“It’s different. We both know Lau has been with other girls,” I said, looking at him pointedly. Larry laughed out loud.

“It’s probably because he like her,” he said. I made a face.

“So he won’t sleep with her because he LIKES her?” I asked.

“I mean he really like her. She not just some girl to him. He don’t want to mess it up,” he said. I sat back, processing this.

“You really think that’s why?” I asked. Larry shrugged.

“I know my twin,” he said, matter-of-factly. I guess I couldn’t argue with that.

“You want to dance some more?” he asked. I couldn’t believe his energy. We had barely been sitting down for fifteen minutes. I was still trying to cool off.

“You go ahead. I’ll be out there in a sec,” I said. He nodded, placing his hand over mine for a second, before heading back out to the dance floor.

I ordered a glass of water, and sat in the booth for another twenty minutes or so, when I happened to glance out on the floor, where Larry was dancing. With one of the other dancers. One of the other FEMALE dancers. He looked like he was just having fun, but her body language said otherwise. Soon, his started to match hers a little bit. I just sat there, unsure of what to do. He wasn’t my boyfriend, and I wasn’t bold enough to go out there and pry her off of him. I tried to shrug it off. That is… until she wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled his face down to hers until their lips were touching. Larry didn’t pull away.

All “Once In A Lifetime” stories are written by Les Twins fan Cara Ford.


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