Once In A Lifetime: Chapter 11

“That should be me kissing your lips.”

   – Justin Bieber,That Should Be Me

As soon as Larry agreed to slow down, he got up to put his shirt and snapback back on before coming back to kiss me. The fact that he took the time to do that out of respect for me almost made me tear his clothes back off.

I’m not sure how long we laid on his bed just kissing and teasing each other. It was nice. Everything about it felt so right. The way he kissed me slowly, as if he was taking his time and didn’t want to waste a minute of it. The way his arms held me protectively, but not too tight. The way he pulled away occasionally just to look at me with those beautiful chocolatey eyes.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, breaking the harmony. Larry shrugged as if to say he wasn’t expecting anyone, and got up of his bed to answer the door. I sat up, my head buzzing.

“Oh, hey man,” Larry said from the doorway, his French accent making this phrase ten times more adorable than if anyone else had said it.

“Hey, I was just coming by to get those songs off of your computer.”

As soon as I recognized Josh’s voice, I jumped up out of Larry’s bed and tried to straighten the wrinkles out of my shirt. I suddenly felt extremely guilty. Larry let Josh in the room, and I hurried to run my hands through the tangles in my hair. Damn, had we really been that wild when we first got in his room?

When Josh saw me standing there next to Larry’s bed, still looking ruffled, his face went from confusion, to surprise, to something that I couldn’t decipher. It sort of looked like hurt that he hurried to cover up. I swallowed.

“Hey,” I said, trying to sound normal. Josh just looked at me, and followed Larry over to his laptop. I sat on the edge of Larry’s bed, not saying a word. Larry looked up at me, and then Josh, his eyebrows raised. I looked away.

I knew that I had in no way lead Josh on, but it was obvious he had a little crush on me, and I felt bad that he was hurt. He was my friend, and I didn’t want that. I didn’t regret my afternoon with Larry, but that didn’t keep the guilt from sitting there in my stomach like a rock.

“Here,” Larry said pleasantly, handing Josh back his USB, now full of music from Larry’s Mac. Josh quickly left the room without even giving me a second glance. I sighed. Larry just looked at me questioningly.

“I think he likes me…” I said simply. There was no point lying to Larry about it. Larry frowned.

“Like I do?” he asked. I didn’t really want to discuss Josh with Larry. Or with anyone for that matter, until the look on his face wasn’t painted in my mind anymore. So I just smiled at him.

“Well I don’t know. DO you like me?” I asked coyly. Larry grinned and made his way over to me, kissing me again.

*      *      *

Later that night I was sitting in my hotel room watching dancing videos on my laptop. Larry had gone to take a shower and despite the butterflies I got in my stomach at the thought of him naked, I made my way back up to my own room. I was in the middle of watching an intense battle when Dahlia burst in through the door, looking exasperated.

“WHY WON’T LAU HAVE SEX WITH ME?!” she exclaimed. I looked at her, completely taken aback by her random outburst.


All “Once In A Lifetime” stories are written by Les Twins fan Cara Ford

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