Our Close-Knit LT Fandom

The Les Twins fandom can be easily categorized as one of a kind. This fandom  isn’t just some teeny-bopper fandom with crying, screaming young girls who talk incessantly to anyone they can find about all things Larry and Laurent related. Well, I take that back. Most of us take any and every opportunity given to talk about Larry and Laurent to just about anyone who is willing to stand, sit, or momentarily pause long enough to listen. But, our fandom is unique. We are a family. We have Les Twins hand signs; we have Les Twins Lady picture day on Friday’s where we all post pictures of ourselves that day showing our beautiful/handsome faces for the rest of the world to see.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the guys, because there are quite a few male fans out there as well.

Many of us have become fast friends, not just online, but in reality. We can’t go a day without calling, texting, instant messaging, skyping… or simply just communicating with one another. See what the love of Les Twins has caused with their gift of dance? Not only have they united a wide range of fans from all over the world to share in their own personal journey to fame, but they have allowed so many of us to become friends who, in any ordinary situation, wouldn’t even know the other existed. All of this brought about due to the love that we all share for two astonishing and phenomenal dancers.

Now, like any other close family, we do have our disagreements, and little “tiffs” with one another. But that is to be expected. Just as with your own real life families, there are always going to be moments when you do not agree with one another, and that is perfectly normal. It’s normal within the fandom as well. Many people seem to think that the fandom should be this place where the Sun shines, and the flowers bloom and the birds sing all day long! *Looks around*… I don’t know what type of fandom these people have been in, but most fandoms are nothing like that. As the artists success becomes larger and more prominent, so does their fanbase. With this comes a more diverse group of people who all have different backgrounds and opinions on life and how things should be done, said, and created. So to sit around and think that everything should be all peaches and cream within the fandom, you’re only fooling yourself. But, the one thing that always happens, is that we kiss and make up and keep it moving because we are always reminded at some point, why we all came together in the first place.

Each fan has their own particularly distinctive reasoning as to why they love Les Twins. If you have ever taken the time to watch the LT Fan videos that have been created, you will hear the numerous testimonies given by the fans as to how Les Twins have changed their lives. Some of us love Les Twins because their strength, will and determination to succeed helped them get through their own personal struggles. Others love Les Twins and look to them as motivation to go out and go for their dreams at all costs. Not letting anyone or anything stand in their way of fulfilling their dreams; just as Laurent and Larry have done themselves.

Whatever the story of each individual fan journey, it can easily be said that Les Twins are doing far more than just showing off their dancing abilities to the world. They are inspirations to those who at one point, lost all hope to go on. They have become the source of light at the end of a long dark tunnel… and for that and the experiences that we all get to share, the fans will forever be thankful to Les Twins!


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