Once In A Lifetime: Chapter 7

“Don’t touch me please. I cannot stand the way you tease.”

– Gloria Jones,Tainted Love

It took a few days for the awkwardness between Larry and I to die down. It also only took a few days for Dahlia and Lau to get closer. She gave me an update on them almost every night, and I listened because sometimes girls just need to talk about that stuff.

She gushed about how he never pushed her and wasn’t afraid to show others that he liked her. Hearing this made me more and more conscious of the way Larry acted. He flirted with me in front of others, but sometimes it felt like it was just to show people that he could have me if he wanted. I tried to keep that in mind, but it was so hard not to melt when he talked to me in that silky smooth French accent, and looked at me with that flawless face.

With Dahlia hanging out with Laurent in most of our free time, and me trying not to hang out with Larry, (we didn’t want another fiasco like at the club) Josh and I had become closer. I occasionally got the feel that he was flirting with me, but I brushed it off. There was no way I was going to deal with even more guy drama.

Plus, as much as I hated to admit it, I was totally into Larry despite my efforts. The fact that I knew he was a bad idea made my attraction to him even stronger.

One evening the whole crew decided to go out to dinner together like we had the first night. Toward the end of dinner, my best friend Tyler called me. I hadn’t talked to him since I got to California, so I excused myself and went into a shallow alley on the side of the restaurant.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Bee! What’s up? How’s Cali?” he asked. Just hearing Tyler’s voice made me want to cry, but I pushed the homesickness away.

“It just keeps getting better! You wouldn’t believe how beautiful it is here. And the other dancers are amazing,” I answered.

“That’s rad, Bee. Any hotties for you there?” he asked. I should have seen this question coming. Tyler had a steady boyfriend, but he loved to live vicariously through my single life. I really did need to tell someone about Larry. So instead of feeling uncomfortable like I usually did, I was relieved.

“Actually yes…” I said. Tyler gasped. I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see it. “He’s basically the most attractive guy I’ve ever seen. And he’s a twin,” I said.

“I hope you not talking about Lau.” I jumped so hard I nearly dropped my phone.

“Ooo!” Tyler said, not knowing someone had been eavesdropping on me. Larry grinned as he came around the corner. His skin was so perfect, I just wanted to touch it.

“Well what else is he like?” Tyler asked, still oblivious.

“Oh,” I said, deciding I might as well have some fun. “Well, he’s a little arrogant…” I said. Larry faked surprise and pointed to himself, as if there was no way I could possibly be talking about him. “And EXTREMELY cocky,” I added. Tyler was talking, but I didn’t process a word that he said, because Larry had moved closer. Our bodies were practically touching. He had me backed up against the building. He towered over me, but he leaned down slowly, causing my heart to drop into my stomach. He stopped when his eyes were almost level with mine. I bit my lip.

“Uh, Ty… I’m gonna have to call you back…” I said, trailing off. Larry nodded and took my phone from me. He put it in his pocket, and wrapped his arms around my waist.

I closed my eyes as his mouth placed soft kisses along my collar bone. He moved up, kissing my neck just as softly. I could feel his soft breath, making me shiver.

Larry grinned when he made his way back up to my face. His lips were less than a centimeter from mine.

“Larry…” I breathed.

“Ce n’est pas grave,” he said, causing his lips to barely brush against mine.

“Larry!” Lau suddenly came around the corner. I would have jumped away from Larry if I could have, but he had me trapped, and he only allowed himself to move his face an inch or so away from mine. Laurent made a face.

“Oh my God,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Vous avez besoin de ralentir. Allez, nous partons.”

Larry kept his eyes glued to mine, but he backed away, grabbing my hand and following Laurent out of the alley.

All “Once In A Lifetime” stories are written by Les Twins fan Cara Ford.


2 thoughts on “Once In A Lifetime: Chapter 7

  1. OMG Really enjoying this…Why does Larry have to be a Bad Boy. I look forward to Chapter 8…hope this last for a while!

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