Once In A Lifetime: Chapter 5

“Hey, slow it down. What do you want from me?”

– Adam Lambert, What Do You Want From Me?

I made it to the elevator extremely frazzled. I pressed the down button and the doors slid open to reveal Larry behind them. I threw my hands in the air in defeat. Larry looked annoyed.

“I’m looking for Lau,” he said without the flirty edge to his voice. My face heated up.

“Um. He’s in my room,” I said slowly.


“What?” I asked, confused.

“Why?” Larry asked again, annoyed that I hadn’t understood him the first time. This caused anger to boil up. He had no right to be annoyed with ME.

“I don’t know! He was all over my roommate! He’s probably just going to turn her on and just walk out if the two of you are anything alike. So you might as well just wait out here. It’ll only be a few minutes now,” I said angrily. It was the most I had ever said to Larry at once. He looked a little taken aback, and I used the silence to take him in.

The twists were gone and he was rocking the fro the way Laurent always did. Something about this look on him made him look cuter, instead of incredibly sexy. His backward khaki jeans fit perfectly on his hips, revealing a small band of underwear, just where the tip of his t-shirt brushed across his pant-line. He tugged on the sleeve of the plaid over shirt, studying me just as much as I was him.

The silence was getting to me and I was about to fill it by saying something stupid, when Larry grinned.

“I turn you on at the club?” he asked. I narrowed my eyes.

“You are such an ass,” I said, shaking my head. Larry pouted, but he actually looked a little hurt.

“I not,” he said, frowning. I raised my eyebrows.

“Oh really? Then why did you do that? Why did you make me like you and then just WALK AWAY? Huh?”

Larry put his hands up and covered his face. He looked extremely frustrated and like he was trying to figure out what to say. I waited. I genuinely wanted to know his answer. And I hated to admit it in that moment, but watching him squirm was extremely adorable.

“I need to calm,” he said, not taking his hands away from his face. I frowned.

“What?” I asked. Larry groaned and slid his hands down his face before shoving them into his pockets.

“Bee. We dancing…we dancing sexy. I a man. I like you. I NEED to calm down after,” he said, taking his hands out of his pockets and gesturing below his waistline. As realization set in, I felt my face getting redder and redder. Larry looked away from me, obviously uncomfortable.

“Larry I…” I wasn’t sure what I was going to say, and I was relieved when Dahlia and Laurent came out of my room, looking smiley.

“Oh hey!” Dahlia said. “You guys ready for rehearsal?”

Larry and I simply nodded and followed them into the elevator.

All “Once In A Lifetime” stories written by Cara Ford.

2 thoughts on “Once In A Lifetime: Chapter 5

  1. I totally agree Shanika I think the imperfect English dialogue from Larry is genius! It’s day on, chapter five of me reading this story & already it’s got it’s hooks in me. Lol!!

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