Step X Step Dance

First of ALL – Credit and Shout out to Little Shao for some GREAT Photography! See Little Shao’s page HERE!! Alright so its’ been a while since we did some Les Twins updates! We’ve been hard at work around the world covering some amazing things! But we all know Laurent and Larry have been just as busy themselves! Whether its cyphering at Juste Debout, teaching some amazing workshops, or walking the runway for Fashion Week, LT has continued to further their impact on the world!

Les Twins at Juste Debout 2012 – Just cypherin’ and killin’ it

Big Sean ft. Les Twins at Fashion Week (**Note: language not suitable for kids**)

Les Twins Freestyle in Paris

Les Twins Workshop/Juste Debout School February

SXS Dance Interview with Laurent Part 4 and 5:  

Once again shout out and credit to Little Shao Photography and Pure People

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