Pics: Les Twins @ Le Balajo

Finally found pictures from the night when Les Twins were at the club, Le Balajo in Paris. No big surprise here that the guys were being social butterflies and “wowing” the crowd with their amazing moves. Looks like the guys got a chance to hang out with Legacy and Ben J from the Cali rap group, the New Boyz. I’m still trying to figure out how the photographer didn’t get not one shot of Lau and Larry together?!?!?!? I’m so used to at least ONE picture of them both by themselves. But might I add how freakin adorable Larry is in these pictures. He almost makes me want to take back my thoughts on him not liking to take pics… yet I digress.

To see the entire gallery from Les Twins tearin’ the roof off of Le Balajo, click here.

S/O to LT Lady, Athena… you rock girl!

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