Upcoming Events: World of Dance Los Angeles

As most of you already know, Les Twins were a part of The World of Dance in San Diego in 2010 and The World of Dance New York last year in May. I don’t believe they’ll be there this year, even though the flyer for this years event has them featured. I’m sure many fans wish they’d show their faces here in the states sooner rather than later.

For those who aren’t familiar with The World of Dance Tour, here is a brief description:

The World of Dance Tour is the largest International Urban Dance Competition taking place in 14 major markets across the globe. With focus on the art of street dancing and today’s new aged choreography, World of Dance is the largest touring event embracing Urban Dance and Youth Lifestyle. The World’s top dancers, hundreds of participants, and thousands of spectators will partake in performance festival settings, awarding today’s top dancer’s with the most prestigious acknowledgments. The World of Dance Tour promises to deliver an unparalleled experience to both participants and spectators in effort to build the reputation as the global authority in Urban Dance and Lifestyle.

If by chance, you’re going to be in Los Angeles and plan on attending this awesome event, you can go to the site where they’re having a VIP ticket giveaway. Good luck!

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