Video: Les Twins – 5 Part Juste Debout Workshop 2/24

Part 1

Special thanks to Les Twins fan and Facebooker Chaîne de Farette for uploading all five of the featured videos from the Juste Debout School Workshop conducted on Friday, February 24th.

The best part of their workshops that I’ve seen thus far is to actually watch them during the cool downs. Oftentimes when we’re watching videos of Les Twins’, their usually going 100 miles a minute- so being able to watch them slow things down and release all of the angst and energy of the day is a change of pace. But I’d have to say that my favorite part is part 4, where in this video, during Larry’s dance, he and Laurent exchange air kisses. I’m sorry, I just love seeing them not caring what anyone thinks about their gestures to one another and just being themselves.

Sidenote: I’m beginning to think that pretty soon here, we’ll be needing to hold workshops just for Laurent’s hair because it seems to have a mind of it’s own at this point.

***CORRECTION*** Okay, so workshop participant jimlucgoldberg has a better angle of all 5 parts plus more of the workshop from 2/24, and I stand corrected- yes, I am a woman who can admit when I’m wrong now hush; there was no kiss that Larry blew to Lau, it was actually a big F*&% You that he threw Lau’s way. We can’t see in this video if in fact Lau’s gesture was the same, which I highly doubt because Lau would never do that to Larry (yeah right), but like Laurent said in the Step X Step Part 2 video, “Larry’s gangster”… now we really see it. HA!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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