Lookin Good In Those Franklin & Marshall Jackets Fellas!

Laurent posted this pic on his facebook page tonight of him, Larry, and fellow Criminalz Crew member Sidney riding the train in Paris. I love these guys so much. The camaraderie that they all have for one another within the Criminalz Crew is so awesome to see among young men these days.

I know that they all normally wore the sweaters with the cloth “C” for “Criminalz” stitched on them a few years back, and some still wear them. I’m wondering if these new Franklin & Marshall Varsity Jackets are their new clothing insignia???

Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing these 3 coming towards you??? *Le Swoon*. I’ll say this, if these jackets are the new addition to the Criminalz Crew clothing ensemble, they look damn… DAMN good in them.


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