They Made Me Do It… I Didn’t Want To, But I Conceded.

Alright ladies and gents; out of respect for the kind and wonderful folks over at Step X Step Dance I have removed the video as they have requested of me. Trust me, it wasn’t an easy decision for me. I kept it up as long as I could, but I figured that since they approached me civilly, I’d counter in the same manner. Please stay tuned throughout the upcoming week for the revamped Part 4 interview with Laurent. Until then, please enjoy one of my favorite Les Twins battles.


One thought on “They Made Me Do It… I Didn’t Want To, But I Conceded.

  1. What I learned — Cirque & shows like that are all about continuity in dance, appearance & production. Les Twins, in dance, are diametrically opposed to continuity because their dance is derived from their feelings, the music, & their connection & could change at any given second. Some matches aren’t meant to be. I now better understand why Lau stands behind Larry when he dances – exactly what I expected. What I know. There are other opportunities for them to do what they do, how they do it. The entertainment industry is a beast of a machine. My hope for them is that they truly have someone looking out for them and guiding them in their choices. I speak from experience.

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