Thing 1 and Thing 2… aka Larry et Laurent

Oh my goodness!!! This almost made me spit my drink all over my laptop!!! I’m not sure who created this picture, but I found this hil-LARRY-ous picture on the LesTwinsOnline Facebook page under the photos. How befitting is this to the outlandish and synchronous beings that Les Twins are?

In the famous tales of Dr. Suess’ children’s character The Cat in the Hat, the subject, The Cat in the Hat, is often accompanied by twin mischief-makers who spoke their own illegible language and who more times than not, got into more chaotic problems than the last, but all the while, having an uberly great time at it. Without a doubt, Larry and Laurent embody these two characters because they themselves are true characters in their own right.

From the big hair, to the indecipherable gestures that only they can translate from one to another, down to their mischievous mannerisms which can be seen in the way they salaciously taunt their opponents with their dramatic moves and overly animated facial expressions; simply stated- Larry and Laurent are Thing 1 and Thing 2 brought to life.


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