Okay Boys… Vacation Time Is Over!

I know that I can’t be alone in expressing how on edge I am for the next Les Twins appearance, project, workshop, video, photoshoot… anything! Laurent and Larry have been back home in Paris for a little over a month now, and as stated in my post from a few days ago, they’ve conducted A workshop, appeared at A fashion show during Fashion Week, and appeared as guest judges at the Battle Starter 2 competiton. Okay, I may be missing a few things, but these are the appearances that have been made known by LT management. And okay- that’s fine and dandy, but what’s next for the twins?

I haven’t been a fan for as long as many others have been, but when I started in the fandom back in October ’11, I was inundated with new pictures, videos, schedule updates, workshops and appearances. These boys were busy… and we (Les Fans) loved it. I don’t know, but it just seemed that way because I was new to “LaLa Land” and I was clamoring for any and everything Les Twins related, so they seemed to be everywhere at that time to me. I realize that a schedule such as theirs must be extremely grueling. I realize that they deserve a break too as hard as they work and as much as they travel. But I think a little under 2 months is time enough… don’t you?

I know that they were away from family and friends for quite some time as they traveled with Cirque Du Soleil as well as the many other things they had going on and what’s more important than family right? So them spending time with family isn’t the issue here. You can spend time with family and still maintain a constant schedule within the local area. What I’m saying is that when you have a fandom as strong as theirs is, you should try to keep the momentum going. Strike while the iron is hot! Isn’t that what the old adage says? These boys are hot right now. Of course we all know that they aren’t a household name… yet! But they have the potential and the capability to be just that and more.

All I’m really saying is it’s time to grind it on out fellas. Many of the other Criminalz Crew members are on their hustle right now. Speedylegz is doing workshops in Canada; Diabloo is doing Super Bowl appearances with Madonna; Regi is conducting workshops and coming into his own as well. We recently received updates via the LTO Twitter and Facebook pages that Les Twins are scheduled to participate in the Urban Dance Camp 2012 in Germany… IN JULY!!! So… what is going on from February to June? More down time? What are they currently doing doing? Are they babysitting? Playing golf? Cooking? What?  Les Fans are waiting boys. Time to git-r-done!!!


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