Sorry Ladies & Gents… I’m Back

I sincerely apologize to those of you who have been following my Les Twins blog, but I had a few things that I need to tend to in the real world. Now… back to business.

There really hasn’t been much going on in LT land since they’ve gone back to Paris other than a workshop, an appearance at the Paris Fashion Week and they were judges at the Battle Starter 2 competition along with coach Abibou “Playmo” Kebe.

A few days after their return to Paris, the twins, along with Criminalz Crew comrades, Speedylegz and Diabloo, conducted a workshop at the Juste Debout School. There was a great turn out for the class and as usual, the guys brought their amazing dance moves and some great music. There are several videos from YouTube and tons of pictures from that day, which I have posted on here.

Les Twins also made an unexpected appearance (unexpected to many of us fans) at Paris’ Fashion Week. The guys were seen at the Jean Paul Gaultier show, sitting front row in all their gorgeous splendor.  As to our unexpected surprise, Laurent has added even more detail to his tat. Larry, on the other hand, has not. I’m starting to think that dear Lau has become addicted to tats as we all figured he would be.


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