Battle Starter 2 Competition

This is the Battle Starter 2 competition that Les Twins’ and Abibou were guest judges at a few weeks ago. In this battle, there are two amateur teams going head to head with one girl on Team 5. I was a bit confused when I first saw the video as to why Laurent got up and had her sit to the side after the round was over. But after reading the YouTube comments, I understand. Her skills were too much for these boys. Although, the guy with the braids from Team 6 was one of the better dancers, I think it was clear that she was definitely on another level.

I, for one, would love to see this girl dance against Criminalz Crew member Laura aka Nala. I can only speak for myself when I say that Laura is just an “okay” dancer. She’s not great. Yes, I give her props for holding her own in a crew full of guys, but there are waaaaaaaay better dancers in Paris than her. Take this girl for instance. She’d be a great addition to Criminalz Crew. Hell, Sarah Bee is a awesome b-girl as well. I think this girl in the video would destroy Laura… hands down.


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