L.A. Workshop Freestyle Performances

The L.A. Workshop that Les Twins put on last weekend was a smashing success; not only for Les Twins and those who were able to attend, but also for the fans at home. Lestwinsonline.com was able to give the fans a live USTREAM so they wouldn’t feel left out in the cold. From many of the attendees that I have spoken with online and from my friends over the phone (I’m a Cali chick, Long Beach Cali to be exact), everyone had a blast being able to learn from some of the greatest dancers to do the damn thang and to also be able to see first hand how down to earth and outgoing both guys are.

The video above is of the freestyle dancing where everyone was able to show off their moves and just have a good time. It seemed as if the kids were less shy than some of the adults! BRAVO kiddies!!!! And if I might throw this out there– Laurent and Laurent DID NOT disappoint in their freestyle performances… but that’s to be expected of them. They’re in straight beast mode when the music hits the air.


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