Les Twins Beyond The Talent Interview w/ Jennia Fredrique

*sigh*… T.H.I.S. interview… there are no words!!!! I loved every minute of it. Les Twins recently sat down with Beyond The Talent and was asked a few interesting questions by the beautiful Jennia Fredrique. The question that has most of the LT Ladies swooning and reaching for a cold glass of anything is the question,

“Dancing or Sex”

Laurent, with his yummy self moans his answer being “SEX”… watch the video and see for yourself. If you’re like me, you’ll be reeling from it all day… hell, maybe even all of 2012 and beyond!


One thought on “Les Twins Beyond The Talent Interview w/ Jennia Fredrique

  1. Hi Twins,
    I’m very proud of the both of you and your amazing ability to dance like you’re floating on air. You couldn’t of picked a better time to shine. With the lost of the best entertainer ever and I miss him so much. You both basically have stepped in and brought a new style of hip hop with class. I was bored to death with dancing until the jabbawockeez came along and now they are boring. But I feel that you both will be around for a long time, at least I hope so. Stay strong and never let anything or anyone get in the way of your dreams. I’m truly enjoying the videos and I’m back to dancing again. Love you guys.

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