The Bond Between Twins

The timeless bond between most siblings is one that is unshakeable. It weathers a storm that is constantly pounding the faith of one another against those jagged rocks called life. Throughout history, we have seen how those once unwavering bonds of young siblings, grew into one of jealousy and oftentimes deceitful and murderous discontent for the other.  Even if you don’t have a brother or sister, I’m sure you can identify with having a close and personal relationship with a friend or even a different family member. You know, that one person who you can say anything to and they won’t go back and repeat the information; the one person who has your back no matter what you’ve done and sometimes they are the person who knows you better than you know yourself.

As great as these relationships may be, there are very few relationships that come close to that of identical or fraternal twins. One of the most illuminating mysteries associated with twins is that they share a special connection beyond that of regular sibling relationships. Naturally, the bond between twins is a partial component to an unusually unique relationship which can sometimes be accompanied by extraordinary supernatural qualities. Of course there is tons of anecdotal stories that most, if not all twins can relate to. There are times when the pair are separated but they may eat the same meal that on a particular day, buy the same article of clothing, feel  emotions that the other could be experiencing, finish each others sentences,  etc. Whatever the case may be, the time spent in the mother’s womb was not spent just laying around in amniotic fluid, waiting for that 9 month period to lapse, but it was spent learning the every move and even thoughts of the other.

So, with all of these twin stories, the question remains; can twins really read each other’s minds? This particular phenomenon is called Telepathy. It is the process of assessing thoughts or feelings without help from sensory input like sight, sound or touch. If we were speaking in a paranormal state, we would then refer to it as extrasensory perception, most commonly known as ESP, which is the ability to acquire information without relying on physical senses or previous experience. Is a form of twin telepathy or ESP at work to cause these extraordinary experiences?

We could easily argue a very substantially supportive case in reference to the aforementioned question, by simply observing Les Twins. How many times have we seen the brothers move exactly alike at the same time, not just in their routines, but while just standing there? True, this could be attributed to simple hand motions, words, or body language that one may give the other, but it’s done sporadically with these two and at the most inopportune moments. You can see in the preceding body language that they display that some movements are not planned, but purely organic. Another explanation for this could be because Larry and Laurent maintain a close and very affectionate relationship with one another. They have both echoed the same sentiments in that they are each others mirror and not just as physical beings.

There no scientific evidence that proves the theory of telepathy or ESP among twins. But while science continues to attempt to uncover the reasons why multiple relationships are undeniably similar in almost every facet, it is safe to say that no matter the rhyme or reason, being in the presence of a twin relationships is one you will never forget.

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