Les Twins Cordially Invites You…

OMG!!! Look at Larry!!!!! His English is improving so much! And even Laurent had to comment on it. He’s so proud of his little brother. Did ya’ll check out mama Bourgeois cheesin??? She’s so cute! I absolutely love how they all adore one another! 

Anywho, for all of you who are in/around the Las Vegas area, or even those of you who want to or plan to fly into town for the workshop, remember, it’s on Monday, December 19th @ 4pm. Also, the guys are holding an impromptu workshop this Saturday in Los Angeles. The workshop is scheduled from 5 pm to 7pm. The cost is $30 and if you don’t want to perform but just want to gawk, drool, and stare in adoration, the cost is $20.

One more thing… if you’re going to either workshop, pleeeeeeease keep the rest of Les Fans in mind and take LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of pictures *smile*


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