H & M Holiday Collection f/ LES TWINS

How about that? You too can bring home a piece of Les Twins for the holidays! Boy… wouldn’t that be nice if it were really true? Its seems that our favorite French duo have been doing more than a little dancing here and there. They’re also featured in clothing retailer H & M’s  Holiday Collection. In the ad, Les Twins are wearing H & M hoodies (Pull ά  capuche) priced at 14, 95 €  or $20 U.S. dollars. And do my utter disbelief, they actually have the guys with their pants turned around the right way. Hmmm… wonder how they pulled that one off?!?!?!? Of course the site is in French but, you can translate it to English or which ever language you prefer depending on your web browser. I absolutely love that the page is interactive. As you move your cursor around the page, the two images on either side moves, somewhat creating a one dimensional kaleidoscope effect and the little chimey music in the background gets progressively louder as you move your cursor faster. Pretty cool!


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