No More Cirque Tour For Les Twins?!?!?!

*sigh*… I’m torn. I’m a little sad that I’m not going to be able to see Les Twins on the Cirque Du Soleil show but then again, I’m happy that the boys have taken a stand against being controlled… if that’s the case.

I’m not sure if any of you have heard, I’m sure you have if you’re addicted to Les Twins’ every move as I am, but nevertheless, the boys have either opted to discontinue their stint with Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour or Cirque has let them go. The guys have been performing with the show for several months now, and had planned to go through the entire 2012 on the tour. I’m still searching for the reason why the guys left or Cirque Du Soleil dropped them, but there has been wide speculation that the “powers that be” at Cirque let the guys go because on Wednesday, December 7th, Laurent decided that he wanted to get a tattoo on his arm. Now we know this can’t be the reason because there are several guys on the tour heavily tatted or with tats. Even if that were the case, he could always cover it up with the sleeve just as Larry wears.

Larry took to his Facebook wall and posted this:

“fini le cirque du soleil FINI” (” Done! Le Cirque du Soleil. DONE.”)

When asked by another Cirque performer what will they do now? His response was:

“je pense aller refaire un tatoo ecrivant “fuck cirque du soleil” LOL” (“ I think I’m going to re-do a tattoo writing ” Fuck Cirque du Soleil” LOL), ” ou demander a lil wayne de faire un son decu” ( “ Or ask Lil Wayne to make a song. Sad/Deceived”)…

He continues to say:

” ils ont pas besoins d’artiste qui savent skil veulent ils on besoins de danseur sans vie avant et ke kan on leur dise un ordre il la ferme” (“ They don’t need artists who know what they’re doing. They need dancers without life and who when told to do something must shut up” )

Strong words from Larry huh? So, from this, I can surmise that the show may have been stifling their creative flow and their ability to do what they do best… and that’s staying human being and giving back to their fans through workshops and battles. I also assume that because Les Twins’ were conducting a workshop while they were in Las Vegas on the tour, that this was probably a conflict of interest or a conflict in general for the show. I absolutely admire the boys for keeping a level head and doing what they want. Of course I’m not advocating bucking the system, but in the entertainment business, if you don’t have a brain of your own, it will eat you alive.


24 thoughts on “No More Cirque Tour For Les Twins?!?!?!

    • Not good PR to have 2 of your featured dancers bow out – better to let the public think they were fired. Otherwise I take it you were there, and actually terminated them yourself or drew up the papers? It wouldn’t due to pass on hearsay.

  1. I met them in Vegas a few days before New Years at the Wynn Hotel and they wasted no time saying they QUIT. They were not happy with the tour Mgt. They were not embarrassed about it and had no problem talking about it. Just my 2 cents.

  2. The Twins are too big for that show. I didn’t understand why they signed up to begin with. To me, it’s equivalent to Jay-z being produced by Lil Romeo and then starring in Lil Romeo’s show! Really???

    Besides,3 years out of their lives is huge when you consider the life cycle of people who bring it as hard as they do. They need to hit it while it’s hot and they’re at their peak. It is to their fans benefit that they’re no longer with that show. We want to see them do Les Twins not MJ. They’ve shown their respect. Now let’s move on!

  3. Seriously O’Really?! You think the Twins are too big for Cirque du Soleil?! Too big for MJ?!? LMFAO I had never heard of them before seeing them in this show! Sure, they’re good dancers, but they are no MJ! Perhaps an ego like the one that you have exhibited is what got them canned to begin with? They are hardly a household name! You’d think they’d be happy to find work and actually get paid for dancing! This extremely poor business ethic is going to prompt other artists from shying away from hiring them. They won’t be finding paid gigs any time soon – so I hope they enjoyed break dancing in the streets for spare change! LOL Now that I know they ditched the show, I am no longer a fan. I think they need an attitude adjustment and to grow up and stand by their responsibilities! Dancers are a dime a dozen! MJ had amazing dancers in his TII production, so hopefully they hire some of them. They were better then “Les Twins” anyway! LOL

    • Let me just get a few things straight Connie. Les twins were MJ’s biggest fans and i
      think thats what prompted them to take part in the tour. They respected and admired his music and wanted to be part of the amazing opportunity they had been given (think of it as being offered your dream job).
      Obviosly once they joined cirque du soleil their paassion, drive and creativity was being stifled and they couldnt do what they do best Im sure other factors also influenced their decision to leave but we will never really know. So they decided in order to fulfill their dream and go back to what makes them happy, they had to leave (think of it as your dream job not being what you had expected). How dare you say that they are work shy!!!?? Are you really that naive and clueless to think these guys left because they were actually lazy , come on get real! They love love love what they do and dancing in the streets as you call it is nothing to be ashamed of. They never went to fancy dance classes or had expensive tution, they were self taught and if its got them this far who knows how far it will take them in the future. They are dedicated professionals and they may be ten a penny to you but in the world of new style hip hop they are well respected and at the top of their game. They are not mainstream so if you never heard of them before its because yiou know nothing about newstyle or hip hop culture. who cares if you dont like them anymore because they left you clearly were not a true fan to begin with and its no loss to les twins! Finally they will never need anyone to hire them as you put it because they are talented and are being guided in the right direction. Even if they never made a penny doing it their way their REAL fans would know their worth and value their integrity and passion for dance. Get your facts straight before you try and talk shit!

    • Hi Connie. I didn’t mean to sound egotistical or to insult you in any way. I did mean to state what I actually believe.

    • Hi “Connie.”

      Just wondering if you’re finished eating all those words you said about the twins in February? You know – that they wouldn’t find paid gigs, that they had an “extremely poor work ethic,” and – my favorite, they were in dire need of an “attitude adjustment.” Well, since February, the twins have danced with EVERYBODY of note (dancers seek them out to boost their own visibility,) circled the world performing to stadiums full of people, been featured on multiple tv programs as international stars, etc. So what do you think now? Did they get that attitude adjustment? Did you?

      Anyway, had to rib you.

    • your just plain stupid MJ was famous for being the greatest entratainer not the best dancer so just shut up les twins are really big around the world known as some of the best dancers in the world you just need to quit being ignorant

  4. I believe it’s to their benefit to be free. In the life of a dancer, a year is equivalent to 7. They are too wildly creative to be in such a bind. (But I will miss their interaction with veteranz crew.) Still, the twins don’t need to be working dancers, they need to be working genius. Les Twins are dance!

  5. to connie,
    well, apparently you havent watched ALL their videos. I have yet to see MJ do any of the moves the twins do. MJ may have laid the “foundation” but larry and lau “BUILT THE REST OF THE STRUCTURE”. SWEEEEET!

    it isnt fair to compare les twins to MJ. MJ danced but he was really a singer. that’s like trying to say les twins can’t sing. well, they arent singers but dancers!

    I went back over MJ’s videos and concerts and as far as dance goes, all he really did was spin and moonwalk. if he did any of the moves twins do, i havent seen it and if MJ could move like them……he should have done it!

    MJ- singer
    twins- DANCE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Obviously you have not watched enough Les Twins or MJ vids. In defense for Michael, MJ did a lot more than “just” spin and moonwalk. And the twins are heavily influenced by Michael, especially Larry. Michael’s footwork, spins, isolations etc. are FLAWLESS. He has a HUGE influence on dance and was a master at his craft. Respect the genius.

  6. They have been a name for yrs in Europe before they came over here. I think Cirque have known about them for a minute (being a French circus & all). They did have their own self titled show in Paris.

  7. I don`t know where is the truth and I don`t care but i bought this tickets because of them .I wanted to see them live ;(

    • @connie. Do you research before you make a big statement like that. Like Theodora les twins were part of the reason I bought front row tickets for the London event. They are highly rated performers and where I come from very well known. You need to get out a bit more love. Kmt

  8. Actually most of you are wrong. The funny thing is connies on point. You have to stop assuming . Just to let you know, im a professional dancer and have danced with the twins. Most of us in the dance community/industry whos worked with or know people who have worked with them know that they were released and for other gigs as well. Sorry to say but good talent doesnt always equal professionalism. Im talking about being late, rude, headcases, arrogant, bringing people who shouldnt be brought backstage, rehearsals, and it goes on and on. They will obviously be jilted and tell their fans they quit. 3 years isnt much for street dancers as many still dance into their 30s and even 50s. The cirque .contract… is one many dancers would die for. Doing magazine shoots and interviews are usually uunpaid and strictlythe for exposure. Just bc theyre well known, it doesnt mean theyre well off. Many dancers live gig to gig. Had to let you know. Being an insider, it was too funny hearing you guys assume and speculate. Lesson is that talent doesnt always equal professionality. Sometimes you can take the street dancer off the streets but cant take the street out of them. Peace… dont try and google my name bc id rather remain anonymous for spilling the truth.

    • CapsSmellS Like Envy In Here. Funny Marc But Mpny Other “Insiders” And Dancers Say The Exact Opposite. While I Am Certain Les Twins Are Far From Perfect, You Sound Spiteful, Perhaps Looked Over Unfairly;It Is My Deepest Most Sincere Hope That Your Talent Shines Bright And Your Career Be Long.
      Unsure OF Why On This Blog EverY First Letter CaPs.

  9. I just felled on this blog by accident. Memories force me to reply.

    I have worked on many production in my long life including Cirque du Soleil shows. I worked backstage on the MJ world Tour. The twins were/are extremely talented dancers. Unfortunately, we were all surprised to discover 2 of the rudest ”divas” ever (and I’m being polite). I never had to deal with them backstage but I often notice how incredibly disrespectful and mean they would be towards other members of their own crew : dancers, technicians, prop artists, dressers… Still, they were always well treated and respected. After 1 year of rehearsal, I remember that everybody was more than fed up with their annoying attitude. So, for the sake and sanity of 120 crew members, they had to go.

    *Of course I’m no ”Joe”

    • No doubt they’re “divas.” Genius often is. Clearly they’re most comfortable performing or in the mix of family or crew. As I taught my kids, arrogance is ALWAYS insecurity. Best for me to have a compassionate eye.

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