Come One… Come All… To Les Twins Wonderland!

Howdy folks! I’m sure if you’re on this site, you were searching for something, anything, or everything pertaining to the dynamic dancing duo of Larry and Laurent Bourgeois aka “Les Twins”. It is my goal to bring to you any and everything that relates to the dancing phenoms. I have not been a fan for as long as many of you have, but from the first moment that I peeped a video of the identical twins, I was instantly and forever hooked. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary, or a thesaurus for that matter, to adequately describe the dancing abilities of Les Twins. Their amazing dancing skills have been honed over many years of dancing together as children with their 18 brothers and sisters, to which 9 of the siblings also dance, and also from battling various dancers in the streets of their home in Paris, France.  Les Twins are next “it” boys on the scene. By being the hottest (not just in the looks department either ladies) hip hop dancers in the game right now, they are talents are wanted by many. They can be seen performing with Beyonce on the 2011 Billboard Awards, Good Morning America, 2011 BET Awards, and at the Glastonbury Concert and not only Beyonce loves the twins, but apparently, Jay-Z loved the boys so much that he put them in a Rocawear ad titled, ” That’s Rocawear”. In October, they were featured in their own BET International Special titled, “Les Twins: Born to Dance”, which aired October 15, 2011. Earlier this year in March, the twins won their first heavy weight competition in the New Style Hip Hop category at the 2011 Juste Debout in Paris. Below are a few more of their accomplishments courtesy of

  • Semifinalists  on “Incroyable Talent” (link)
  • Semifinalists at Juste Debout 2008
  • Leads in Music Videos for Beyoncé (link), La Fouine, Sheryfa Luna, Les Deesses, Magic System and others (link)
  • Performed in the play “Pas de Quartier” at Théâtre du Voile Déchiré
  • Performed in the self titled show “Twins” at Théâtre du Voile Déchiré (link)
  • Performed in Generation Moonwalk, Tribute to Michael Jackson at Zenith, Paris (link)
  • Featured in Italian Vogue, November 2010 (link)
  • Cover of Dance Delight Magazine, March 2011 (link)
  • Winners at Juste Debout 2011 Japan Hip-Hop Division (link)
  • Finalists at Dance @Live 2011 Japan Hip-Hop West Division – which Laurent won (link)
  • Winners at Juste Debout 2011 Hip-Hop Division (link)
  • Performed with Beyoncé at 2011 Billboard Music Awards (link)
  • Performed with Beyoncé in 2011 Glastonbury Festival
  • Featured in commercial for Pioneer Steez (link)
  • Featured in Rocawear’s “That’s Rocawear” viral video marketing campaign (link)
  • Special program “BET Presents: Les Twins” aired Oct. 15, 2011 on BET International

2 thoughts on “Come One… Come All… To Les Twins Wonderland!

  1. I just love them and cannot get ennugh like that Black Eyed Peas song lol ^_^ Idk wats wrong wit me but im one of those people if they had a workshop somewhere i would jst go, sit there and watch them instead of actually signing up to be taught by them. Idk if i would get this look O_O or not lol but i jst would cuz im a stalker like that 😉

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